Saturday Afternoon Classes
PM1CDearingbutterfly Bowl

Sat PM 1
The Butterfly Bowl
Carrie Lynn Dearing, TN.
Class Fee $55
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (4 hours)

Students will learn how to layout a design, woodburn clean lines, stippling with Dremel, Cabochon inlay, add color with Gourd Master ink dyes, and finish with a beaded rim.

Student Brings: Woodburner with your favorite blade tip pen. Dremel or carver with a #192 ball tip for stippling, a smaller one is helpful in smaller areas, and a heat gun.

Instructor Provides: Prepared gourd, pattern, photo, press n seal, pens, dyes, paint, gloves, beads; and turquoise cabochon.
All levels: Max 15

PM2-2MThompson7281 cr magic bflies
PM2MThompson7277 cr2b magic bflies

Sat PM 2
Magic Butterflies
Michelle Thompson, MS.
Class Fee $47
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (4 hours)

In this fun class you will learn how to layer alcohol inks and masking shapes. Choose from many ink color, then start designing your gourd picture! When you finish the inking and masking process, you’ll begin removing the masks. Your beautiful butterflies and ferns will magically appear! Magic butterflies!

Student Brings: An apron or smock to protect clothing.

Instructor Provides: A whole base coated gourd, vinyl masking shapes, alcohol inks, spray sealer, tutorial, and all supplies needed to complete class project. Instructor will have two hair dryers for shared class use.
All levels: Min 3 Max 10

PM3SJordanpunked jack cheese gourd 1

Sat PM 3
Punked Jack
Terry and Sandy Jordan, FL.
Class Fee $45
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (4 hours)

Students will learn to create this wonderful jack o ’lantern from a cheese gourd. You will add eyes, nose, and mouth using Quickwood. You will start the “steam punk” process by adding foil, then learn how to create a tarnished, metallic, look. You will add Jack’s punk embellishments with pieces of old jewelry, wire, cogs, washers, gears, etc. Embellish a little or a lot. Punked Jack stands approximately 4 ” high and 7” diameter.

Student Brings: Scissors that can get sticky, not your good ones. Asst. paint brushes, old jewelry if you like, DAP Rapid fuse all purpose adhesive (can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot), and an apron.

Instructor Provides: Gourd, foil, stain, assortment of jewelry, Quikwood, washers, cogs, gear, etc. and tutorial. All levels: Max 10  

PM4BBriscoe - Let's Make Some__  Noise

Sat PM 4
Let’s Make Some Noise
Bob Briscoe, NC.
Class Fee $50
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (4 hours)

Students will color their gourd with alcohol inks, seal the gourd with varnish, apply the goat skin drum head with tacks/nails, add the rawhide handle/grip, and learn how to install the spring.

Student Brings: Apron, scissors, small hammer, and bucket for soaking drum head; awl, and a heat gun (not a hair dryer).

Instructor Provides: Prepared gourd, varnish, alcohol inks, goat skin drum heads, upholstery tack, springs, rawhide strips, instructions with full color photo, and any other supplies needed to complete the project. Instructor will have a couple of heat tools, awls, and hammers available for use. If students do not bring their own, they may have to wait to use these items, which might delay completion of their project.
All Levels: Min 2 Max 12


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Sat PM 5
Pine Needle Coiling
Judy Burkett, TN.
Class Fee $50
1:00 pm to 5:00 PM (4 hours)

Students will learn to attach a branch into your pine needle coiling. If you have an antler and prefer to use it bring it with you. This class is for coiling the rim only, but instructions will be given for the gourd finish.

Student Brings: Needle nose pliers.

Instructor Provides: Gourd, glycerin pine needles, artificial sinew, branch, embellishment, and needle. All levels: (some pine needle or coiling experience would be beneficial). Max 10