Ribbon Competition

2018 Ribbon Competition
We follow the AGS judging guidelines using option C, published on the AGS website.


Must have been grown by the entrant, stem optional, be mature and true to type, cleaned, and have no wax, paint, stain, or decoration.

1. Gourd with largest circumference.
2. Smallest hard-shell or ornamental gourd in overall size.
3. Longest straight dipper; must not exceed 4” gradual curve.
4. Ugliest natural grown gourd.
5. Hand trained ornamental/hardshell.
6. 3 identical ornamentals of the same variety, shape, and size.
7. Assortment of 3 hardshells of 3 different varieties.
8. Three short handle dipper gourds, uniform in size and shape, 15” or less in length, uncut.
9.  Thickest shell gourd with a birdhouse opening for checking measurement.


Gourds must be clean and firm, stem optional. Mature gourds that have started to dry or cure may be exhibited but no spoiling (smelly) or diseased gourds will be allowed. Show chairperson reserves the right to disqualify and remove all gourds that do not meet these requirements

10.  Gourd with largest circumference.
11.   Longest overall length straight gourd; must not exceed 4” gradual curve.
12.   Longest overall length crooked gourd; must exceed 4” curve.
13.   3 hard-shell gourds of uniform size, shape, and color.
14.   Smallest mature hard-shell gourd.
15.   Smallest mature ornamental gourd.
16.   3 ornamental gourds of uniform size shape and color.
17.   3 short handle dipper gourds, uniform in size and shape. Must be 15” or less in length, and uncut.


Stems are not mandatory unless specified, but if present, must be cleaned and finished to complement the rest of the gourd. Small amount of other materials allowed unless otherwise specified.

                      -HOLIDAY GOURDCRAFT-

18.  Santa/Father Christmas, cut or whole, any technique.  
19.  Other Christmas item or set (Christmas angel, nativity, house, etc.) any technique.
20.  1 Christmas ornament of any size, must hang.
21.  Set of 3 Christmas tree ornaments of similar shape, size and design which must hang.
22.  1 snowman, cut or whole, any technique. 
23.  1 Halloween item or set of Halloween items.
24.  Set of 3 different size & design Easter eggs made from ornamental egg gourds displayed on natural grassy  material or in a gourd basket.
25.  Any other holiday item, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.


26.   1 whole gourd, wood burned, clear finish allowed
27.   1 cut gourd container, dipper, or ladle, woodburned, clear finish allowed.
28.   1 whole or cut gourd, woodburned, with choice of finish, such as staining, colored pencils, etc..


29.   1 Whole gourd painted only, no additional pieces or materials allowed.
30.   1 open container or cut gourd, painted only, no additional pieces or materials allowed.
31.   1 gourd painted, cut or whole, any type materials may be added. Gourd must dominate.         


32.   1 whole gourd, carved, gouged, cut or chiseled; with choice of finish.
33.   1 open container, carved, gouged, cut or chiseled; with choice of finish.
34.   1 whole gourd with inlay, such as inlace, stones, etc.
35.   1 open container with inlay, such as inlace, stones, etc.


36.   Gourd bowl with natural weaving materials such as vines, pine needles, grasses, etc. with other  natural decorations allowed.
37.   Any other gourd with weaving, such as dream catcher, teneriff, etc. with natural or man-made embellishments allowed
38.   Gourd vessel with coiling, embellishments allowed.

                    -BIRDHOUSES & FEEDERS-

39.   Painted birdhouse with no other materials added (except clear coating, if desired)--must hang.               
40.   Birdhouse which must hang; any materials may be added; including  paint, dye or stain. .
41.   Gourd birdhouse, decorative use only, using any technique.  Natural or man-made materials may be added.
42.  Feeder – Any technique; must be functional.

              -ANIMALS & CRITTERS-

43.   Land animal(s), reptile(s) or insect(s) constructed from gourd(s) and/or gourd pieces. Small amount of other  materials allowed.
44.   Water/sea animal(s) constructed from gourd(s) and/or gourd pieces. Small amount of other materials allowed.
45.   Bird(s) of any size constructed from gourd(s) and/or gourd pieces. Small amount of additional natural materials
        allowed such as feathers, clay, seeds, grasses, etc.


46.   Gourd hat with or without chin strap (Hat may be removed from ribbon competition, worn in hat parade, and then replaced.) 
47.   Gourd mask, must be wearable with strap, ties, or hand - held with attached stick. (May be removed from
       competition, worn in mask parade, and then replaced.)                         
48.   Gourd necklace: 1 whole gourd which may be drilled with a small hole for attaching a necklace chain.
49.   Any single jewelry item or set of same item such as earring set, gourd pin, or hair barrettes made from gourd pieces.
50.   Gourd purse. Any technique.


51.   Decorated gourd bowl.
52.   Decorated gourd basket, must have handle.
53.   Decorated dipper gourd.
54.   Gourd musical instrument. Must be functional.
55.   Gourd toy, (i.e. doll, puppet, kaleidoscope, yo-yo, etc.), any technique, any finish.       
56.   Any functional item constructed primarily from gourd(s) such as clock, lamp, etc.
57.   Gourd people. Made from single or multiple gourds.
58.   Whole or cut gourd with pen & ink designs.
59.   Gourd vase, pitcher or teapot, using any technique or finish.
60.   Completely covered gourd, i.e. beading, clay, decoupage, etc.
61.   Decorative gourd, whole or cut, choice of finish using combination of two (2) or more techniques, (wood-burned, carved, painted,  etc.).
62.   “Land of the Misfit Gourds”, any gourd that does not fit into any other category; free creative designs.
63.   Miniature. Any technique. Gourd and embellishments must be two (2) inches or less in height and diameter.  
        Stem if present will be included in two inch measurement. No jewelry or holiday items allowed.
64.   Any gourd using only recycled materials, with your choice of finish. (Bottle caps, pull tabs, copper wire, etc.) 
65.   Class Project: Any gourd completed by a student, which was taught in a class. Any technique allowed.


66.   Shaker, rattle, or drum in any ethnic motif.
67.   Whole gourd or decorative container with/without cover or stopper, decorated in Native American motif.                         
68.   Whole gourd or decorative container with/without cover or stopper, decorated with any ethnic motif
       (other than Native American): Egyptian, Celtic knotwork, Slavic designs, African tribal patterns, etc.
       Decorative items may be added such as:  glass beads, feathers, leather pieces, etc.


69.   Design in any gourd container (gourd itself may be decorated or not) using all fresh cut or live plant  materials.
70.   Any arrangement in an unpainted, natural color/clear finish gourd container, featuring only  natural, dried 
        plant  materials and/or contrived flowers.
.   One or more flowers constructed from gourd pieces with choice of finish and container for table display.

            -THEME RELATED-

72.   Any use of gourds related to show theme: “Gourds Under The Sea”


73.  Any gourd creation using any technique, made with two or more individuals working on the same piece.


            -AGES 6 AND UNDER-

74.   Any crafted gourd

                -AGES 7 TO 10-

75.  Any Holiday gourd
76.  Any use of gourds related to show theme; “Gourds Under The Sea.”
77.   Any other gourd, not Holiday or show theme.

                 -AGES 11 TO 15-

78.    Any Holiday gourd
79.    Any use of gourds related to show theme; “Gourds Under The Sea”.
80.    Any other gourd, not Holiday or show theme.


The Master Craftsman Category is open to professional gourd artists and/or anyone who has won a first place ribbon at previous Gourd Show. Artists submitting to this category must submit a brief bio sheet stating their prior artist experience. Bios will be displayed alongside each artist’s entry after judging.

81.   One gourd per entry. Artist must have won a blue ribbon at a previous gourd show. Any technique allowed.
        All  entries must be accompanied by an artist’s bio.


The Jim Story Award entry must be a mature, dried, cleaned, undecorated, hand trained, or manipulated gourd. To compete in the national competition, winner must meet all criteria published on the American Gourd Society web site.

 82.   One gourd per entry.


83.  Novice Category is open to anyone who has never entered a gourd competition. Any technique accepted. Gourd must dominate.

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